Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Only Way A Writer Can Fail Is to Quite Writing!

The Only Way A Writer Can Fail Is to Quite Writing! Quote by Thomas Hart Benton

Why is it that we can garden, play sports, exercise, do crafts with passion and dedication and don't need recognition, but when it comes to our writing, if we don't gain recognition, we feel like a failure?

I have fallen victim to this myself, but with years, growing wisdom and a thicker skin, I know know in my heart, in the deepest, truest part of myself, that being a writer is something I am and that the "outer" world can not give or take away my gift.

The greatest joy of writing, is writing.

Let's hear your feelings on this crucial dilemma for the writer!   Is your Inner Critic making you feel like a failure with your writing? Emily is an expert at teaching how to defang your Inner Critic and get you writing! Explore her coaching and give her a call at 914.962.4432!
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  1. Thanks for reminding me of this. It's true. Writing is my soul and heart. When I write I feel as though I had worked out. It is toxic for me when I do not write.Writing has taken me through times of despair, intense anxiety, and just inertia.
    I think ICK and the desire to publish have some kind of informal connection. Of course the inner writer and publishing have a contract too. Delicate lines. Need reminders like this one to stay clear on priorities. Thanks. Eliza


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