Monday, April 24, 2006

My Muse Lies Somewhere Buried

the Power of the Muse for the Writer
by Amy Totino

My muse lies
somewhere buried
underneath the rubble
of daily life.

She waits
for me
to unearth her –
to move the stacks of bills,
the clutter on the counter,
the piles of laundry,
the permission slips
to be signed,
cookies to be baked,
papers to be graded;

My muse lies
somewhere bleeding:
Waiting for me to heal her
from the paper cut off
of the grocery list,
from the sharp glass incision
of past insults,
from the slice
of the knife
called “I’m not good enough.”

My muse lies
somewhere dormant,
underneath the day to day
and lifetime of debris.

But she is still there,
for the moment
when I digging down
and she clawing upwards
will meet one another
in the sunshine and fresh air.
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  1. Sarah Willow12:08 PM

    Just wanted to tell you how much I can relate to this as my own muse has been driven into the shadows by my mundane life obligations,(the never ending housework)- poor health,,,, and the age old strangler of our creative impulses-procrastination.
    One of these days,,,, tomorrow I will,,,,there is a definite comparison between my excuses NOT TO WRITE and my excuses to delay quitting smoking. Odd how easy it is to develop and indulge our bad habits and how difficult it is to find the will/energy/inspiration to get on track and STAY THERE when it comes to healthy, or positive habits,,,,,,
    just the ramblings of another writer who's muse is on vacation.
    Sarah Willow

  2. This is a great poem, Emily, and one I can relate to from having raised five sons as a single mom, and still find bits and pieces of time in which to write.

    Would you be willing to let me post this poem on my new writing site?

    Thanks for a great writing blog!


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