Monday, January 29, 2007

Finding Your Writer's Voice

How to Find Your Writer's Voice, Quote Joseph Campbell

As writers, we have chosen the gift of writing...
I believe that as writers we have chosen the gift of writing as a path for us in this life. As we follow that path, as we grow and develop with and through our writing, we grow out of our surface self, out of our persona and, in the process, come to a greater understanding and appreciation of who we truly are.
This is one of the great gifts of being a writer. We write more honestly and deeply, our true voice is revealed.
This becomes a journey toward our true self.
But this takes passion and dedication and it requires being a risk taker. For the path of creativity is not for those of weak spirit. If followed to the untold and sometimes dark places where writing leads, the voice, that expression of true self, reveals a self different from our persona. This is the challenge and the payoff.
When you begins to access your true voice and write out of that true voice, you often begin to write about topics that you never dreamed you’d be writing about. About experiences, characters and story lines that you never imagined. What you’ve done is open the core of your creativity.

A Message from the Muse
"Anyone writing a creative work knows that you open, you yield yourself, and the book builds and builds itself.  To a certain extent, you have become the carrier of something that is given to you from what have been called the Muses -- or in biblical language, `God.'  This is not fancy, it is fact.  Since the inspiration comes from the unconscious, and since the unconscious minds of the people of any small society have much in common, what the shaman or seer brings forth is something that is waiting to be brought forth in everyone.  So when one hears the seer's story, one responds, "Aha!  This is my story.  This is something I had always wanted to say but wasn't able to say." ~Joseph Campbell
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