Friday, January 14, 2011

Pitfalls of the Character Driven Writer. Posting # 2 in the Series: Plot or Character? Which Is More Important?


Pitfalls of the Character Driven Writer.When too much chaos is too much!
In the previous posting, I explored the strengths of the character driven writer. Today I am exploring one of the pitfalls many character driven writers face:

You get overwhelmed by the chaos of creativity into which you so easily find yourself.

Antidote: Don't give up.
Understand the power of creative chaos and learn to swim in it.Trust that you will not drown so long as you go with the tide, even if when  draws you into whirlpools!

How is this played out with our characters?

Don't force your character to be someone who they are not!
Quite often, our characters turn out different than who we expect and want them to be. Following characters into uncharted territory feels daunting and/or dangerous. Following them feels like being thrust into chaos.  The answer again is trust: trust your characters and follow them wherever they want to go. Don't try and force them to be someone they are not! This get easier the more you do it. And it makes writing more fun!

In the next post, I will explore this more fully. For now, consider whether or not you trust your characters to be fully themselves. If you are stopping your characters from being who they truly are, there is a good chance you are afraid of the chaotic unknown into which they might lead you.

Learning to swim in creative chaos is difficult for everyone, both the character driven and the plot driven writer.
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