Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Power of A Good Critique for the Fiction Writer

Power of a good critique in Fiction Writing
A good critique never leaves you deflated. It always leaves you inspired.  

Receiving a critique with curiosity and an open mind and knowing how to critique others writing are two of the most enriching aspects of belonging to a fiction writing workshop. Having your work critiqued in a supportive atmosphere where there is a professional writing coach is a terrific learning experience in many way ways.

Whether you are participating in a writing workshop or working with a private writing coach, a good critique encourages the silencing of your Inner Critic, your willingness to take risks with your writing and releases your creative passion.

A Good Critique Inspired, Never Deflates...

A good critique never judgmental or criticizing.
How will you develop as a writer if your confidence is undercut? And that can happen very subtly.

When I am working with a student, especially at the beginning of our journey together, I am aware of how you respond to my critiquing and am careful that your Inner Critic doesn't take what I say as criticism. Your Inner Critic is your worst critic.

Learning how to identify your Inner Critic and defang him or her is a very powerful part our work together. If your Inner Critic is in command when we are working together, either privately or in a workshop, you cannot hear the truth of what I am saying. All you can hear is: I failed. I'll never be a writer. What am I doing here?

The only way a writer can fail it to quit writing! Part of my passion as a writing coach is to keep that from happening to you!
I take as much care with your development as a writer as I do with the piece you are writing.

"Emily, my development and persistence as a writer is due in no small part to you and the classes you run. I doubt very highly that I would have been able to sustain this growth if it weren't for your powerful, yet always thoughtful critiques. Because of you, all of us in the class have learned and are still in the process of learning this magical way of listening and responding. It's what makes the writing great and the class wonderful." - Michelle Burton

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