Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Writing Workshop and Video!

Writing Workshop: Tales of the Crone As Told by the Crone
How do we access the wisdom of a life ― wisdom gained through love, risk, successes, failures, challenges met and challenges refused? How do we process and grow with our heartache, passion, laughter and the constant cycles of birth, life and death that are our constant companions?

In my new six month TeleCircle, Tales of the Crone As Told by the Crone, we will do this in a very particular way: through storytelling, whether it be as fiction, memoir, myth, fairytale, poetry or allegory...

And who is our storyteller?
The Crone who lives within each of us and, in her wisdom, compassion and humor, has been a lifelong companion, whether we acknowledge her or not. And when we acknowledge her, what then?

To find the answer, please watch my new video: Tales of the Crone As Told by the Crone.
View on YouTube.

The TeleCircle meets every other Thursday, starting March 5 at 7 pm eastern time and runs for 2 to 21/2 hours. Each session is recorded.

  • Early Registration: 12 TeleCircles plus one private session: $600.
  • Early Registration ends on February 10. Fee after February 10 is $700.
  • Circle is limited to 10. All TeleCircles are recorded.

Email Emily:
phone: 914.962.4432
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