Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being a Warrior for Your Writing and Creativity!

Be a Warrrior for Your Writing and Creativity. Quote Fran Leibowitz An interviewer asked Fran Leibowitz why, if it's so hard, she continues to write. She said: "The rewards of any warrior. The word that best describes my feeling of having written is triumphant — triumphant on the level of Alexander the Great. Having overcome your worst fear, the thing you are most vulnerable to, that is the definition of heroic. Also, it's such a worthwhile human activity. The most."

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  1. Thought you might be interested...Blog Jog Day is a one-day event where we all post links forwarding to each others Blogs--most are author and book sites. You can read more about it at Our next Blog Jog Day is November 21st. Warm Regards!

  2. That is well said.

    I've also heard from another author that "a writer is a person who cannot not write."

    I find this to be quite true. No matter how difficult it can sometimes be to write, it is something you just cannot tear away from.

    There are tricks to help make it easier though, especially learning to let go and allow the writing to happen.


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