Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When Your Inner Critic Attacks, Challenge Him with a Gift to Yourself! I Dare You To!!!

For the Fiction Writer: When Your Inner Critic Attacks, Challenge Him with a Gift to Yourself!
I was sent this from a friend and thought to pass it on.
I posted a gift idea for your fans last week, so it only seems fair that I post a gift idea for yourself this time around. Consider this: You are on an intense journey as an indie author that can be very rewarding. The rewards might include fulfilling your dream of being published or perhaps earning enough money to cover your monthly bills. But the journey is full of peaks and valleys. At times, it might seem that  the peaks feel impossible to climb and that it's also incredibly easy to stumble and fall into the valleys. From time to time, you might face critics who appear to want to block your way to success, but interestingly enough, the biggest critic among them is most likely you.

When examining the road less traveled, don't blame yourself for taking a wrong turn!
We all do it. We examine the road we've traveled and occasionally beat ourselves up for taking wrong turns. Self-criticism isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can save us from repeating mistakes. But artists tend to take self-criticism and turn it into self-annihilation. So, this holiday season, give yourself the gift of shutting the self-criticism off. Set it aside. Stuff it in your nightstand, and give yourself a break from it.

It will be there after the holidays for you to use again, but this is a time you should take to reflect on the positives and congratulate yourself for taking the journey in the first place. You accomplished your goal of writing a book. Writing a book takes discipline and dedication. If this is your second, third, or thirtieth book, all the more reason to celebrate. You're in this thing for the long haul.

In short, be kind to yourself. It's the holidays; say goodbye to your inner critic for a few weeks and pat yourself on the back. You're an author. You deserve it.

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Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and a Creative and Abundant New Year,
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