Monday, March 29, 2010

I Am a Story that Wants to Be Told: The Writer's Imagination Set Free!

Inviting your Inner Writer to write to you is a powerful and liberating exercise. What follows is a letter written to Kim Denning from her Inner Writer. Kim is new to writing and was hesitant when I suggested she invite her Inner Writer to write to her. "It's easy," I told her. "Take pen in hand and write: Dear Inner Writer, write to me, tell me what I need to hear..."

I Am a Story that Wants to Be Told: The Writer's Imagination Set Free!I am so moved and inspired by her Inner Writer's response, that I am reprinting the letter here

Kim's Inner Writer Speaks: I am your imagination set free if you will let me be...

Give me a voice. I am growing you into someone you will not recognize as yourself when we are through. I am colorful and alive, creative with perceptions that you are only slightly familiar with.

I am a process that is confusing at times as it leads you down paths you don’t even know are there until you get to the branch in the road. Follow me down those paths and see what is there. You can always turn back.

I am all the pieces of all the people you have ever met, all the places you have ever been and all that you have ever experienced, and I am even knowing of things that you have not experienced. I give all of this a voice as you put pen to paper.

I am a creator who wants to be let out of the cage
that some people, acting of ignorance, put me into. I am your imagination set free if you will let me be. I grow with your attention. Yet, silenced I will sit dormant and will be a disappointment in your future, so I ask to be given freer reign. Please trust as I fumble through this first experience.

I am a gift that you have been given to play with. I am fun if I am not judged. When I am judged too harshly, I will pull the covers back over my head and go back to sleep. I have a story to tell.

I am something you have only dared to peek at in the past.
You have started to invite me to be in attendance and I am happy to be a part of who you are. You do not have to know why you are doing this, you are free and you have chosen me to spend time with. There does not have to be any better reason, than to explore more of yourself which is all that I am.

I am a deeper multi-dimensional part of you who wants to speak up.

I am a story that wants to be told.
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  1. Kim's letter from her inner writer is one of the most moving I have ever read. I like to think that if my own inner writer could crack my thick skull and get through to me it would speak in this kind voice. I would listen.


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